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fireworks over Seroquel Lake, scott richard by torbakhopper fireworks over Seroquel Lake, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 3 0 riverside town in Dopaquel, scott richard by torbakhopper riverside town in Dopaquel, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 8 0 Summer in Lunesta Village, scott richard by torbakhopper Summer in Lunesta Village, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 7 0 the wild horses of Dopaquel, scott richard by torbakhopper the wild horses of Dopaquel, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 5 0 summer sunset in Dopaquel, scott richard by torbakhopper summer sunset in Dopaquel, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 2 0 ice cream skies over the Dopaquel Peninsula by torbakhopper ice cream skies over the Dopaquel Peninsula :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 3 0 a river runs through, scott richard by torbakhopper a river runs through, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 6 0 the ladies of Lunesta, scott richard by torbakhopper the ladies of Lunesta, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 4 0 FRENCH ESCAPISM, scott richard by torbakhopper FRENCH ESCAPISM, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 2 0 the wild horses of the Dopaquel Peninsula by torbakhopper the wild horses of the Dopaquel Peninsula :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 5 0 evil is the root of all evil, scott richard by torbakhopper evil is the root of all evil, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 1 0 walk like a martian, scott richard by torbakhopper walk like a martian, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 0 0 the coloring book, scott richard by torbakhopper the coloring book, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 0 0 i try to be good but, scott richard by torbakhopper i try to be good but, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 0 0 brevity is the sword of wit, scott richard by torbakhopper brevity is the sword of wit, scott richard :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 0 0 Untitled by torbakhopper Untitled :icontorbakhopper:torbakhopper 0 0


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fireworks over Seroquel Lake, scott richard
french escapism

after working so intensely in the land of the exploding rainbow and black rainbow dahlias, this world peopled by the anonymous well-to-dos and their acquaintances feels more alive to my own imagination.


the relationships of the sunlight with the activities is so much more interesting and compelling to imagine and create. 


there is of course the white umbrella girl gang --a rotating posse of never seen women who walk beneath sunlight in their western white burkas.


and the suited man.

the less you see of him, the better, though he represents order and stability, something to hold those white butterflies down, to keep them from simply disappearing -- a dark brushstroke amidst all the sunlight.


horses have arrived, though i've not dared to make them white yet, afraid it might catch the canvas on fire and unicorns will be bred and reared. fantastical husbandry giving way to the collapsing illusions and delusions of the church of monet.


it's funny, too, because liquid painting is only supposed to be faithful to the light. and yet, there is a faithfulness within each piece. as the artist, i can tell when it has "found" itself. 


and the journey can be full of nuances and twists and turns. the geopolitics are unhindered by logic and the constraints are only visible in looking at the digital images of the journey -- they are their own snapshot histories.


but through it all, the sanctity of a clean earth and a clean sky full of air and clean water remains.

Summer in Lunesta Village, scott richard
liquid painting is very liberating for the painter.

it provides its own form of escapism -- the ability to be free to paint over what is finished.

it is much like life when we have a goal or an accomplishment that we want to achieve.

if we work hard enough and have the necessary aptitude for success within the project, eventually the TASK is completed.

and there is perhaps a celebration?

but then the next chapter of this incessant struggle rears up to make itself frontal to our next accomplishment.

we seem to live between the accomplishments, ever-focused on the end point of achievement.

and liquid painting is like this without the neurotic sadness.

it is about literally PAINTING OVER already wonderful and finished products.


it is an exploration into change.
it is an adventure about letting go of something.

it is like a tibetan sand painting that is fated to be blown away.

and so are dynasties and earthly power.

as the RISE OF A GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK continues its mad race toward existence, nation states will be used like pawns.  they will become like the characters on the Dopaquel Peninsula.

they will eat horses and chop off the arms of their daughters.

they will seek an illusion of the pre-electric world reintegrated with the post-havoc world of nuclear energy and atomic warfare.  they will look to the past as though it had become a heaven.

and the inversion of the demented CHRISTIAN FALL will make heaven into an "historical" notion that can only be reached by going back into time, whereas hell will become a "future possibility".

the threat of CRIME BLOTTER posing as news will make the peaceful tranquility of the Dopaquel Peninsula irresistible to the betteroffs and the prettyoffs. 

the idea of CLEAN AIR, CLEAN LAND, CLEAN WATER, CLEAN FOOD will be the plaintiff cry of all the people.

but few will have access to it.

so keep shoveling those fking MEDZ down your throat, america.

blake's poetry that you didn't read or understand because all you could stand was the image of a tiger burning bright.

you never made it to the real works, did you?

you never listened or read our government's abominations in the 9/11 commission report.

you never took the time to understand just exactly what our rogue government was up to, but you acted like you did.

you bought duct tape and plastic wrapping.  and you bought so much gas it could fill swimming pools and a whole neighborhood could fill lakes and underground oceans have been consumed by cities.

it was US!!!

we did it.

we are guilty.
and the outside world knows and sees this VERY CLEARLY.

they aren't hindered by all the GOOD TIMES, the pushed away memories, the borrowed money's pleasure, the neglect and refocusing on fking GLUTTONY and feasting and bad health options and the alcohol and the depression and the wanton sickness of overindulgence.

they are hindered only by their ability to throw envy and jealousy as hard as they can.

but we can all dream the same dream of CLEAN AIR, CLEAN LAND, CLEAN WATER, CLEAN FOOD.

it is a worthwhile dream because it will make CLEAN PEOPLE.                        
the wild horses of Dopaquel, scott richard
on the Dopaquel Peninsula the wild horse is the staple food of the people.

there are large herds which roam the western side of the peninsula in the Geodon Valley.

only 8% of the diet of the people who live on the Dopaquel Peninsula is comprised of meat.

it is not viewed as a luxury.  horse meat is viewed as an ingredient in the same way we might view salt or sugar.

the incredible gardens of Dopaquel Peninsula provide a great deal of the ingested "nutrition" that is necessary.  but the residents of the Dopaquel Peninsula are not concerned with all of that.  

they have been committed to the values of CLEAN AIR, CLEAN LAND, CLEAN WATER and CLEAN FOOD.

in balancing these four principles, they realized that you couldn't use ANIMAL creatures in more than 10% of your diet without imbalancing the stuctural whole.

Lunesta took this even a step further and chopped off their daughters' arms so that the men would have to tend the women and LITERALLY would never have time to create empires or food monopolies over other peoples.

the armless women of Lunesta are signs of this cultural sacrifice.  while it may seem barbaric to us, this "amputation" of the arms alters every aspect of the human condition.

instead of allowing the human tendency to create war against their environment, the men must tend to the children as well as the armless women.

this has FORCED the child-engineering process to be shared by the men and the women.  

which means it is the FIRST true patriarchy that has ever existed on this planet.

and i understand that this can be hard to understand, but it is a very successful model in Lunesta and the social peace that has descended by taking the arms of women away when they are born is much like circumcision in the historical MATRIARCHAL societies which have used and continue to use this horrifying form of infant torture to create militant, desexualized male children with a CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS.  men WHO HATE WOMEN.

but unlike circumcision with its attack on the male GENITALS, the removal of the female arms puts both "sexes" into a position of weakness.

in Lunesta, this has become the backbone of their culture.

and perhaps, unlike FOOT BINDING, the love of this action has created a balanced society where the social evils of men and women give way to care and maintenance obligations.

this seemingly absurd and devastating amputation has rendered a rather idyllic and civilized society.

the armless beauty of the women of Dopaquel is seen in their eyes and the way in which their dependence and total need of care and love from their men controls the balance of will.

the village of Lunesta is all about peace and sleeping easy at night. 

it's fking MEDZ after all....
summer sunset in Dopaquel, scott richard

liquid painting is an art genre that has not fully arrived or been acknowledged yet.


liquid painting is a genre-banger of several preconceived ideas and their originl of manifestation.


for example, at core, there is the philosophy of monet and other photography-inspired painters who were processing the intellectual power of F-stops, apertures, film speeds, natural & artificial light, and other things that the machine was doing by the limitations of its nature that could in turn affect their own work. 


added to this philosophy of registering the sun light/ day light and the night light/ moon light (a.k.a. tones and values & saturations and hues), monet and others went out of their way to create photographic painting studies in much the same way that photographers were doing this. 


the "hay bale experiment" and the cathedral series paintings were not born abstracted from time. monet was among many artists in history and surrounding him who have done similar series/experiments, though usually at the beginning of their process in order to learn these principles of color and light. 


many of you reading this might even have had intro art lessons that teach these same ideas.


so to make an art out of liquid painting is a challenge. and to be able to create a world out of the challenge is the challenge.


back then, photographers and their cameras were teaching the impressionists just as much as the acclaimed japanese woodcuts and magazine advertisements that were simultaneously impacting western art.


so let's then add to the mix the second component of liquid painting -- tibetan sand art.


tibetan sand art purports toward spiritualism and the essence of nature.


all sand paintings are to be blown away. this was one of the fundamental precepts of the art itself -- the essential nature of existence is that we all pass away.


and this is the greatest source of our pain. 


though we all know that it's true, there are very few who will actually embrace and make a life out of the joy of the moment. this joy does not ignore wisdom or responsibility, but neither does it inflict drugs and medicational poisons upon the elderly and hold their families' wealth and prospects hostage.


that is just too damn "intro to the mahabharata part deux."


so liquid painting acknowledges this acceptance of death by being willing to be "liquid".


a truly liquid painting in the genre does not really begin until it is actually finished.


this is when the journey begins. 


and change can be everywhere.


in my personal work, the form of liquid painting that i adhere to goes a step further in the metaphor.


for a great while i have thought long and hard about how to express the universal emotions and human sentiments without being cruel or injecting the hideous violence of our true natures (a spectrum which constantly surprises us with its creativity and horror and also the goodness which consequentially separates the spectrum...)


in my own realistic art, very much infused with all of these same principles but conclusive and ending unlike liquid painting, i made a promise to never represent horror and mayhem and violence and terror and loss and grief.


the way i was painting, it was too manipulative. it was an infecting power that, if misunderstood, would cause enmity and self-loathing and debt in the viewer.


i promised myself that i would rather be remembered for being a gay man who painted flowers than a political activist that capitalized on the horror of others to promote violent imagery and sadness.


so i came with the exploding rainbow dahlia.


and that is my form of liquid painting. 


and my goal is to present a library of imagery that is so massive as to constitute its own legitimate world of vision and light and temperature and the absence of time.


the exploding dahlia is the individual consciousness drifing through space in constellations and orbits.


there is also jewelry and sparkling lights and promises and hope in these explosions that are eternally in motion.


some dahlias become stars and some stars become dahlias as the linear narrative of the developing pieces continues.


my hope is that these images, which transfer with amazing clarity and accuracy to textiles, will one day bring joy in this understanding everywhere.


so the challenge to other liquid painters or people who would become liquid painters:


bring your own form to this genre.



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scott richard
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